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What's New on FairTV? - Fairfield's Government and Educational Public Broadcasting Channel.

FairTV is now being presented on AT&T U-verse in addition to being available on our other broadcast partner Cablevision. FairTV will coninue to be available on Channel 78, our Educational Channel and Channel 79, our Government Channel. In addition you can click on the Education and Governemnt buttons at the top of the page and view the current programming right in your browser!

FairTV on Frontier

To view FairTV on Frontier go to Channnel 99. In the dropdown menu select either FairTV ED or FairTV GOV to view our locally produced FairTV programming like Town Board Meetings, Educational Events, and other local programming.

FairTV Live Events and Future Programming

Many programs are available to be viewed live, such as town meetings. Check the schedule below for broadcast times and to see what may be live, or click on the FairTV Education or Government images above to get the current program streamed live to your PC. You can also click on the expanded schedule to see future programming or to search for a particular meeting you wish to see

FairTV Video on Demand

If you want to find and view older programs from the past year go to fairtv.viebit.com. There is a search facility to help you locate the desired programming.

Today's ScheduleExpanded Schedule
View Date Show Time Program Duration Board Meeting Date Program Description Channel Live
9/29/2016 6:00 PM 1hr 36 min BOE 9/22/2016 Board Of Education 9/22/2016 : Policy Additions, Scholastic Assessment,
Superintendent's Report, Co...
9/29/2016 9:00 AM 11min RTM 9/26/2016 RTM 09/26/2016 : Various Town Appointments 79CV/99FRONT N
9/29/2016 4:30 PM 11min RTM 9/26/2016 RTM 09/26/2016 : Various Town Appointments 79CV/99FRONT N
9/29/2016 9:30 AM 54 min. BOF 9/27/2016 Board of Finance 9/27/2016 : Quarterly Review 79CV/99FRONT N